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2003-06-18 - 10:12 a.m.

ok, ok..i know it's been FOREVER since i've written, but school is just so darn hectic! SERIOUSLY!!! it's horrible! BUT guess what! me and my dearest antoinette, along with pulp cutie, and two other of our friends jsut saw BLUR!!!! AAAAAAAAAH! it was sooooo unbeliveably good! we took pictures with alex, dave and of course damnob! they both looked really good and were all really super nice! damon came out only once, alex came out twice (he was super scrumptious!) and davce was really cool and kept coming out jsut to chit-chat. it was cool, we were even just like joking round with him. the cameras make them look a littel rough lately, but IN person, they;re all still still youthful! oh! and that damon.. when he was singing, he had this cute little suit on and well.. in the lower regions of his pants... how can i can see his... ehm.... well... the outline of his...his, his, his...i'm sure you guys get what i'm trying to say, right???

and with that, me and all our friends couldn't stop talking about it for the rest of the night and the topic thereafter when we went out to this club was sex, sex, AND MORE SEX!

at soem point, we were even undressing pulp cutie because the subject went from damons "stuff" to his... so we were trying to get his pants off to have a peek and he was getting rather frazzled.. it was a sight to see. i apologized the next day and he was just laughing, he said the way things were gettting along with me and him in the bathroom, it was eventually going to lead to that anyway... well! just maybe, aye? but i did stop the madness when i stopped anttie, i mean, we were jsut harm done, right? right. i mean, jesus! you see how just one littl ething can complete set it off...all of us were completely sex crazed.. i was whispering in cynthias ear explictly the things that damon could do to her and she was frazled as well, telling me to stop that she couldn't take it anymore.. but jesus! we don't normally speak of such things, but we had to! it was just... WELL! how could we not.. with seeing... damon.. and his...well. his.. YOU KNOW!! how delisht hat night was. and only those who were there and could possibly understand! aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh...

on to another of my pulp friends, gave me that jarvis blow up doll.. the one select magazine offered about like five years ago! it was so cute! it has a little slash in his hair, but that ok, it's adorable. i showed it to pulp cuite and his littl eeyes buldged out and was like, "oh my god, where did you get this?" it is now one of my prized possions. and have decided to carry it where ever i go.. just incase i ever do see jarvis.. he can surely sign it. AAAAAAAHhhh.. i'm all broken up about that baby. i was hoping it was a boy.. so maybe i could be old skeaze when he's all growns up and seduce him if i can't have jarvis. but i was told that it was a baby girl. my pulp buddy told me he saw a picture of jarv carrying the baby inone of those baby backpack thingies.. oh my jarvis.. doesn't he understand that that could've been our love child??? the nerve of him. the same pulp buddy.. jesus! lets call him Y, gave me acopy of feelign called live and in acrylic afternoons... JEEEEEEEEEEEESUS! can anyone else sing sex any better??? and the last performance of common people.. you can see his .. you know.. lower regions...moving about too! and he is just the top man for me. if i could see him sing live... just see him in person and breathe the air he breaths.. oh god! i would ... well, it would be jsut so hard for me NOT to try and rape the poor man...good lord!

jarvis, you stole me heart and that's what really hurts...

ciao for now everybody.. and a girl named v-cherry, wanted to join my ring...well i completely accept you, but i'm unsure on how to add you. but lets say, it says that i declined you, it's not because i didn't want you to be in it, it's jsut because i'm computer retarded. ciao everyone!!!!!


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