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2003-07-15 - 2:43 p.m.

hey! i don't know what's the amatter wth me lately, i'm kissing someone new every weekend it seems. i'm not complaining, the people who 'm smootching with are people who i've had an interest in.. i even kissed that cutie dj that i'm nt sure if i've mentioned, well, actully, i kissed him once while drunk and then the next week, he kissed me, while we were both sober!!! WELL!

i currently have a crush on two little boys, one is named with the letter p the other one is with the letter j. one is a really interesting and somewhat forward guy, which i find a bit refreshing and the other one plays john lennon songs on the piano, how charming. he's a insta cutie, just for that alone! sigh.. then there were the other bi guys that i've smootched with, one i don't rememebr, b ut two friends confirmed it,. eh!

me and m deaest antoinette, pulp cutie, my pulp friend, and some others are going to go see supergrass in august! it will be a complete night of dubauachery...those are the best ones i believe!

we also saw blur and it was quite a fun and tasty ngiht! damon had these pants that draped so niely over his ehm.. lower member.. it got me, anttie and all of our friends all rallied up and the subject for the night was sex, sex, and MORE SEX! it was rather hilarious! well, i guess i should be going for now, i've really got to get back to work.. not that'sve started.

i came earyl to school to work on my line ( i graduate in 3 months you know!!!) and i haven' done shit! what have i done? i came , tried to fax soethign for my internship, i recorded some of antties cd's to mini-discs (which i'm currently in love with at the moment) we went to go eat, and ever ince then we've been in the damn comupter lab checking sites. i have 3 hours until my stuuuuupid computer lass starts and i haven't gotten anything done! ret huh? but i have no one to blame but myself i suppose...oh goodness gracious! wll, ciao fo rnow! talk to all you gorgeous people later!!!! xoxoxox


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